Saturday, February 4, 2012

My Marital Happiness

depends on this guy:

The Thompson Date Bet has finally come to its last stand.

At the beginning of the NFL playoffs, Shaina and I went back and forth picking playoff teams. Whoever chose the team that won the Super Bowl would get their date night fulfilled.

I am at the mercy of the New England Patriots. If they win, Shaina will take me to dinner and a Cavs Game.

If they lose (and the Giants win)...I go to dinner and a play of Shaina's choosing.

So the tension in our household is thick.

Questions for you.

1. What's your prediction of the final score of the Super Bowl?
2. What is the number one food you're planning to eat during the game?
3. Who will be the Browns starting quarterback next year? A)Colt McCoy B)Robert Griffin III C)Matt Flynn D) Peyton Manning E)Other.

For me...Patriots 31- Gians 27.
I've got my meatballs in the works for the game!
And I think Colt McCoy is the starter next season.

Have a good Sunday!


lawrence said...

Ben: You are in big trouble if this guy has anything to do with your marital happiness!Who is he anyway?
Enjoy Superbowl
Love and Prayers
Lawrence and Tricia South Africa

Jackie Thompson said...

Speaking of meatballs...
It just doesn't matter.

Anonymous said...

Giants 24 Patriots 17 (Sorry Ben)
I'll actually be at bible study during the game so unless Jen is feeding us...nothing!
Colt McCoy for next year.


Anonymous said...

1) Giants 35 New England 28.
2) Veggie Pizza...been craving it so going to make it!!!
3) Does it really matter?!?!?!?!?!?

Who is Chaia rooting for?

Have a blessed Lords day guys! Love ya!

Terri :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like ladies choice for date night!!! Go Shaina :) Hope you all had a great weekend. Praying in KY.