Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Monday's The Big Day

Got a call from the Cleveland Clinic today. Monday at 10 a.m. is when Chaia has the CT scan done to find out if the treatment to reverse the calcifications is doing anything or not. Ultimately, I don't know that much changes in way of treatment/prognosis, other than that if they find that it is working, then we can hope for continued stabilized heart function, or maybe even improving heart function. Perhaps too, heart transplant candidacy could be a more viable option if she improves. We aren't there yet. But oddly, I feel very little anticipation or build up to this test. We've been waiting over 5 months to find out if the treatment is working. And yet, I have a strange peace and almost an apathy toward the testing. Maybe it is because Chaia has made such positive strides. Maybe it is because we know that the outlook has been bleak for so long. All I can say for certain is that we continue to move forward with stewarding Chaia to God. And calcifications or no calcifications, our calling does not change. Your calling is the same as ours in that regard. Everything God gives you, from children, to wealth, to the breath you just took is all to be leveraged back to Him in worship. So enjoy God today. Be attentive to the things He has given you today rather than the things you feel you lack. He is more than enough. More than able. And in Him we are More than conquerors.


Cindy Penrod said...

And we will continue to wait upon Him. Wait with anticipation, for in God, there is nothing to fear. Wait with expectation, for He longs to grace us with favor. Wait with hope, for His promises are true. Wait with praise, for HE IS WORTHY.

Anonymous said...

Leading up to the jump for heart, I shared your story with Lilly's teacher. We discussed Chaia and this upcoming test. I found myself not as profoundly excited about a major improvement as I honestly thought that I would be. Instead I found myself thankful for being able to follow you and your ladies so far through this profound experience, and praising God that he gave you (and all of us) this much time to enjoy and love baby Chaia. She is so sweet and truly brings joy and Jesus into my own life everyday! Whatever the results, we will still praise God, live God, and love God no differently. We will be thinking of her extra on that day as she has the scan. As always, praying in KY :)

Anonymous said...

Whatever the test may show, Chaia is a miracle and He is working on her and through her every day. Your story has restored my faith and trust in Him. I know that He has His hand on her and your family. He is the sustainer of life and Chaia is proof of that. Thank you for sharing Chaia with us as she has truly changed my life and my outlook. God has great things in store for her and your family and I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to watch as His work unfolds in her life and in her little body. A true miracle she is. An answer to prayer and she is so irresistibly adorable i can hardly stand it. Thank you for letting us love her from afar and watch what God is doing in her healing. She is going to do great things and to God be the glory. Extra prayers on Monday and kneeling for her and you every day in Springfield.