Saturday, January 7, 2012

Quick Update

Internet has been down for a bit so that is why you seen much activity in the mustard world recently.

Chaia is still having a good week.

I am heading to Smithville to attend a benefit for Chaia that is being put on by Smithville United Methodist Church.

Hope to see you there!


Gramma2u2 said...

I would love to be there. Praying you all have an awesome evening.

michelle said...

Coopers here... Neighbors of your sister Becky. Still praying and thinking of you all very often. Amazed at what God is doing in your lives and in all who are listening in. He is a good and faithful God. Praying you can rest in that for 2012. Much love to the little girl :)

Anonymous said...

Soup Supper was AWESOME --the Special Guest of honor was there!! Not a dry eye in the place--PRAISE GOD He is sooooo good! The smiles on Mommy & Daddys faces were priceless and not to mention our special Chaia was beyond priceless! Praise God for all of His miracles!!! WE LOVE YOU ALL! The Glen Sayre's