Sunday, January 29, 2012

Prayer for this week

So, for clarity...I'm asking for prayer partners to pray every day for us in 2012 as we embark on this Church Planting journey. I am convinced where new movements of God are stirring, the battle is fiercest.

Here is how you can pray this week.

1. Praise! My time at Boot Camp was well worth it. There was good material, but even more valuable was to be in a place where some of the other front line church planters were. We shared stories, hopes, vision, wounds. It was a good week, and I have some new friends in North Dakota, Washington DC, Northern California, Atlanta, Indiana, Wisconsin and North Carolina. God is on the move!

2. Pray for meetings that are coming up this week. We need God to continue to confirm His call and anointing on us in the coming weeks. These meetings are pivotal!

3. Pray for Shaina and I to find a healthy rhythm in the midst of a hard season. We both need margin to be carved out of our schedule for time in the Word and in Prayer and also for exercise.

4. Pray for Chaia. She is not tolerating her feeds well at all recently. There are a number of possibilities related to this, but I am genuinely concerned because she is throwing up significant amounts (sometimes half to near all of her feed. Pray specifically that she would begin to tolerate and hunger for her feeds. Ask for healing of her little heart.

5. Pray for Columbus. There is a generation due to awaken to the Gospel message of hope, restoration and redemption. Ask God for this church to be an alarm clock.

Love you more than you know!

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