Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mama and Baby

So cool story that I'm just now sharing with you all (read here: "grab a kleenex")

Shaina posted on the blog a while back and used this picture:

Our friend Courtney Schnee had taken this picture when they were up from Charlotte way back in August (pre-hospital peanut).

Anyways, fast forward to the week of Christmas. I came home to grab our stockings and a few other things for Christmas and I found a couple pretty amazing surprises. One was a love offering from SUMC which was a total, unexpected blessing! Another was a jar of money from an anonymous family who has a tradition of saving a money jar and then giving it to a family at Christmas.

The third was a package that had this in it:

Canvas Painting of the picture. Way back when we asked for a 24 hour prayer vigil to plead Chaia's case to the King, Hilary Siber decided she would paint while she prayed. She chose this photo from the blog.

(The ironic thing is that Courtney and Hilary are sisters but Hilary had no idea that Courtney had taken this picture.)

So the week we finally came home, Shaina got to see the painting and needless to say the tear ducts were prompted to start pumping.

Thanks Hilary for your kindness and for your prayers.

You make us giddy.


Anonymous said...

Tears are flowing! God bless you all... Still kneeling for baby Chaia:)

Keisha Joy said...

Have I told you that your wife is gorgeous yet?

And I love that money jar idea. I'm going to add it to my list of things I would love to do and hopefully I'll be stable enough to start one within a few years.

And yea, your wife is still gorgeous!

Steph Wright said...

Those Siber girls are oh-so-talented! What a blessing. (And God works in very cool ways!) Hope you're all adjusting well to being home. Love you!

courtney schnee said...

:) You have two BE-A-U-fitul women in your life!

Anonymous said...

Our boys are still praying for you and your sweet baby. They were excited to know she is home and loved to see her most recent pictures. You're in our prayers everyday! ~~The Schrocks

Classy Career Girl said...

Hilary was indeed a very talented girl, that canvas painting was a solid proof. I will pray for Chaia. Stay strong and have faith. God Bless you all.