Friday, January 27, 2012

Coming Home

Won't get in until 9:30 tonight, but I am so ready. Mainly because I miss my ladies.

For my own peace of mind, I organized a little fun for Shaina leading up to her birthday this coming Sunday.

I needed to know she would have continual support and encouragement while I was gone, so I organized 8 visitors who came at various times. She got a note the day I left letting her know when the visitors would come but she didn't know who they were until they got there.

Each visitor then read a clue from an envelope and Shaina would have to find her birthday present that was hidden where that clue led her.

She has gotten everything from Little Debbie Sno-Balls, to tickets for the Columbus Zoo (I'm determined to take Chaia somewhere that kids are supposed to go, rather than to hospitals, doctors and appointments.)

Anyways, that part is fun, but the best part is that some sweet women, ranging from good friends to women in the church to PICU nurses from the Cleveland Clinic have come to help out.

It's been a good week. But I'm ready for home.


Joanne Sadlon said...

Wow. What a guy! And Happy Birthday Shaina!

Amanda said...

Hope you all had a good week. I'm sure it will be good to get home especially with the two beautiful ladies waiting on you when you get there :) Praying in KY!