Monday, December 19, 2011

FAQ--Revolutionary Style

I get a lot of questions on facebook, email, text, etc. I figured I'd answer them here, and then if people ask you or you ask me, the response can just be 'mustard revolution'. It seems fitting that these two words be in everyone's everyday vocabulary.

Like, when you see God at work in your life...just call it a "mustard revolution."

Or when you're eating a hot dog and you drop yellow condiment all over your self, you can say, "well that was a mustard revolution"

Or when you win the game clue by guessing it was Colonel Mustard in the Kitchen with the candlestick...ok maybe a stretch?

Anyways, on to the questions:

1. Why did my friend or my search engine or my facebook addiction lead me to this website?
--5 Minute version...This video:

--Journey with us Version...Scroll down on the the blog and on the left side, you will see blog entries by month. Begin on Wednesday, September 21 "A Flat Tire Kind've Life" and you can see this Jesus-saturated story unfold.

2. How is Chaia now?
--She is ok. Not better than ok...Not worse than ok. She has been very uncomfortable for about the last week and we can't seem to pinpoint what the issue is. Part of this journey is not knowing what is a medical baby issue and what is a normal baby issue. Like when she spikes a fever and becomes agitated and clammy. Well, that could be 1. Her catching a bug that could compromise her heart. 2. Heart Failure. 3. Oh, or it could just be teeth coming in.

We will have a CT scan done in early January to see if after 3 months of Pamidronate treatments for the calcification if we can tell if they have stabilized the calcifications, reversed the calcifications or done nothing to the calcifications. In some instances they have been able to tell at 3 months. More often it is at 6 months of treatment.

3. What is a normal day for us?
--One of us stays in the hospital room over night. The other stays at the Ronald McDonald House. (One of us gets some sleep, the other is hit or miss in the hospital.) We are both at the hospital most days by about 8 or 8:30. The doctors and teams on Chaia's case will round on her anywhere from 8:30 to 10:30 in the morning, run through her case, give a bunch of numbers that used to sound like Dutch, but now we are starting to understand. After this, we do many exhillarating things like push meds, change diapers, read books, work on tummy time, etc. At noon, I typically go to the gym and play basketball with some Cleveland Clinic employees, shower and head back to the hospital. About 4 or 5, the doctors will again round and troubleshoot any issues. Then, most nights, Chaia's grandma and grandpa Penrod come visit and dinner is eaten from Au Bon Pain or the Cafeteria. Grandpa will read SkippyJon Jones (a must read!) and Grandma will work her magic to cause Chaia to move her bowels. Then, every night, we pray over Chaia, anoint her with oil and ask God to do Ezekiel 36:26. Then we do bath time, books and bed by midnight...then repeat the next day.

4. What do we need?

--Prayers. More than anything else, we have found a correlation between people's intention prayers and intercessions for Chaia and her improvement.

Tangibly, what we don't need: stuffed animals. lol. If you want to help, I think the ways the seem most practical right now are A) Au Bon Pain gift cards. I have to find lunch and dinner most days. Shaina gets hers provided as a breastfeeding mother. There is no breastfeeding father perks. In fact that's just awkward. Call the 24 hour Au Bon Pain inside the Clinic (216-721-6473)and you can purchase the gift card and they will hold it for us until we pick it up. B) If you want to contribute financially, there is a fund set up at First Merit Banks. It is the Chaia Joy Thompson Fund. It can be found through that name or probably searched by my name or Shaina's name. C) Come to the Souper Bowl Party on January 7 at 5:30 p.m.

5. What is Chaia's address?

Two options. We have a friend housesitting and bringing up our mail each week, so you can send it to our home.
13892 Cherton Street
Canal Fulton, OH 44614
or to the hospital

Cleveland Clinic
9500 Euclid Avenue
M40 Bed 15
Chaia Thompson
Cleveland, OH 44195
*Just know we have no idea at this point when we will be out of this joint.

6. Are you still planting a church in Columbus in 2012?
--God has done nothing but confirm this calling through this trial. In His time, we are Buckeye Bound. More on this in the next few days.

7. Got any good jokes?

--Well, did you hear about the belt that got arrested?
Apparently, it held up the pants.
(Thank you Josh Hawrot)

May you have a Mustard Revolution Christmas.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for being so honest with everyone. You are both Christ Like examples.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Ben & Shaina-- (and Chaia)-you are all in my prayers every minute of every day. I am so inspired by your witness to your life in Christ that you have caused me to stop, think and speak more than once!!And for me that is HUGE!!!Your wisdom Ben is awe inspiring and I know as sure as I am here and breathing that God is going to continue to do a mighty work in and through all of you. Please know it is ok to get weary, this has been and continues to be a long road, but your faith and power to keep putting one foot in front of the other will not cease--our mighty God is with you, in you, beside you and behind you. Continued prayers for the three of you, and hopefully we will see you on January 7th. Our love and prayers, Glen and Denise S.

Amanda said...

Thanks so much! I feel like a dork asking dumb questions, but really I've never stayed overnight in the hospital unless it was me as the patient, so I always wondered how to pray more specifically for you and Shaina. This helps a lot.