Monday, November 28, 2011

Updates and K.O.

First, remember this?

Well, the guy in the middle is K.O. and he also does this:

And he has been on the Sing Off on NBC doing this:

And tonight, his group, Pentatonix won the Season Three Title and he loves Chaia (the sign he signed says so).

So, my point? Chaia is essentially a rockstar...for those of you still not convinced.


Jack is at a rehab hospital for the next 6 months to a year in Ireland. Its an hour and a half from home, so the challenges and strain on the family continues. Pray.

My Grandma Thompson had the pressure removed in her head. She has been alert and responsive and is now heading to Wooster tomorrow to begin her rehab.

Shaina's Grandma Penrod was released on Wednesday, spent Thanksgiving at home then had some bleeding in her stomach and was readmitted again Friday, but is doing ok and last we heard should be on her way home this week.

New one: My uncle John found out he has cancer today. I don't know the details as of yet, but pray for him and the Buss family.

Chaia had a good day today. The adventures begin tomorrow. They will be removing her PIC Line and trying to insert a new one in her other arm. It is a relatively low risk, normal procedure, but nothing really is normal these days, so pray for her, for us and for our entire family as we've been hit sorta hard the last few weeks. Chaia's PIC Line starts at 7:30 a.m. Tuesday Morning.

Jesus is Better...Still.


Anonymous said...

Prayers, prayers and more prayers for your entire family. We know and trust God but there are times the burdens can get pretty heavy. We will be praying not only for Chaia tomorrow but for your precious Grandmas and Uncle John. Hold on to the miracles---love Glen & Denise

Anonymous said...

Still praying but man oh man the prayer list is getting longer and longer and longer and longer and longer!!!!! All this with Chaia, the grandmas, Jack, and now dad really, really sucks!!! But God is well God!!! Thank you for your blog!!! Thank God for you!! I love ya!! P.S. Whew...I sure hope I can live the example you and Shaina have been living these past weeks!!!!

Jackie Thompson said...

Prayers, prayers and more prayers.
Knees are turning black and blue, but it's worth it.

Love you all, Mom

Anonymous said...

So thinking of Chaia this AM and praying! Prayers go out to Shaina and you too, also, Jack and his family and your extended family too! Loved the video of the audition with Chaia's rockstar buddy! God Bless!!!

The Blake Family said...

Praise for the two grandmas progress and Chaias too! Praying for Chaia today, Uncle John, Jack and all of your families!

Courtney said...

as you said to me before, "each day is a gift". those words are true for each one of us. Thank you Lord for each day of life and for your sovereign protection and grace.

and Rock On Chaia!!! With such talented parents, I can't wait to hear the music you will be making on stage yourself!