Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bittersweet, Browns and Ballers

So today is a good and sad day. Our friend, Jack and his great family left this morning to head back to Ireland. Jack is doing well and has some rehab ahead of him in Dublin. We like this family a lot and we know many of you have come to like and root for them, so it is bittersweet. I remember the first weekend we were at the Ronald McDonald House (same with them) and I sat down and taught Mick everything about football. And then shortly after that I taught him everything about golf. :-) It's bitter because we have journeyed together through this nightmare. Sweet, because Jack is on the mend.

After saying goodbye to our friends, I met up with 5 buds and we went to the Cleveland Browns game. Apparently someone in the Clinic had Club Seats. They told someone who works on our floor and asked if there were any deserving families of these tickets. (I don't know if they meant deserving of a nice day out or deserving of further suffering.) But the person thought of us (Thanks Andrea!). And so 6 tickets at the 50 yard line in the Club Level...a good game (plus some hilarious peewee action at halftime) and the Browns holding on in a thrilling finish made for a great day.

I came back to the ladies in the hospital and opened up a little gift Jack and his family had given to Chaia.

Chaia is the cutest footballer I've ever seen...But Mick is going to have to educate Chaia on this strange thing called soccer.

Good days are great days these days.

Shaina is better. Grandma Penrod is extubated and already thinking Thanksgiving. Grandma Thompson is still intubated, but responsive. And Jesus is still Lord.


Anonymous said...

That pic brought tears to my eyes!!! Love you guys! And here's to more even greater days!!!

Anonymous said...

Praise God from whom all blessings flow. What an adorable little "bean" in her new soccer shirt. Glad to hear that Shaina is on the mend also. Safe journey for the Kelly family and speedy recovery for Jack.
Prayers for all.
Glory be to God.

Anonymous said...

I showed everyone in the room that picture! Soccer is the best ever and I'm sure my team will help coach her as she gets older :)

Anonymous said...

Hey...I know some really cute guys from Brasil that will teach her how to play soccer when she gets older!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

She is soooo sweet! Glad you were able to enjoy the Browns and the "girls" were able to enjoy the day together! Happy and safe travels to Jack and his family, continue prayers to Chaia and Jack! and to Grandmas too!

Amanda said...

I am behind on the challenge bandwagon, but will catch up today! Good news that Shaina and Grandma's are on the mend. Great news that you got to enjoy a game :) And such a sweet picture of Chaia, still praying in KY!!!

Sarah Burnett said...

Ben- you and Shaina are an inspiration to us and to many people in our church that we have shared your story with. You all continue to fight and run the race with perserverance. We are on our knees for you all and for Chaia! God is up to something big. By the way, she has the most beautiful eye lashes I have ever seen on a 4 month old. Have a great Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

She has the most beautiful eyes! Praying for you all!!

Anonymous said...

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