Monday, October 3, 2011

Today's Theme Song

I feel my dead heart beating now.


Pam said...

Love the song!! Prayers are also being said in KY for Chaia. thoughts and prayers

Anonymous said...

We also have prayers in multiple locations in West Virginia This song is great!

michelle said...

Hi Ben and Shaina, We met you at Kaitlynn's b-day party. Your sister fwd me your blog. We are praying for Chaia. So thankful for your world view... that Chaia is HIS and He will bring Himself glory through what He chooses to do with her. Praise Him! What an awesome God we serve and we can take comfort in the fact that He knows and cares for you and your little one. He created her and knows her heart inside and out. Will continue to pray for her precious little heart, and that you grow in your trust and hope in Him through this very painful trial. Much love to both of you, will look fwd to hearing more updates.. Jonathan and Michelle Cooper