Sunday, October 23, 2011

Game Day, Moral Quandaries and Chaia's Room

Sunday Morning Update...If you're looking for the prayer vigil sign up, its the post below this one on the blog. Just read the instructions and click the comment section to sign up.

So Chaia is a Browns Fan.

See? I told you.

But she is also a Seattle SeaHawks fan.

At least she is becoming one. The Browns play the Seahawks today. Yesterday the Seahawks practiced at Case Western where my cousin Steve Thompson is one of the athletic directors. He asked if the team might be willing to sign a card to add to Chaia's room. They did him one better and personalized an autographed helmet from the whole team.

So message to Colt McCoy and company. I have been loyal to you all for years...but suddenly I'm a little unsteady. I hope you can outdo these Seahawks to win my daughter back to your graces!

So may the best team win today.

Also, here is Chaia's room. One of the nurses said she hasn't seen anything like this since she's worked here...We still have hundreds of cards that we haven't put up yet.

Vent is down from 24 breaths per minute to 14 breaths per minute...we go down to 12 at 4 p.m. this afternoon. She's doing well!


Mizzle said...

Since the Seahawks are in a giving mood, they can go ahead and give a win to the Brownies, then tell THEM about Chaia, then THEY will give her an entire uniform...I'm a prophet, by the way...Also, that room is incredible!

Anonymous said...

Great to hear she is doing well! I believe in miracles! You are in good hands! Denisa Caughron

Zachritz Family said...

I am friends with Courtney and Mike Schnee, I am praying as well as my small group, mops group, and church down here in FLorida! Thank you for sharing! LOVE and HEALING!
Love, Abby Zachritz

Mama Karen said...

Continue to speak LIFE over Chaia. We are continuing to pray and will be praying tomorrow specifically for the miracle to begin manifesting in JESUS name! I pray for divine strength to surround you and Shaina! Sending hugs your way!

Mizzle said...

Looked like Seattle tried really hard to lose...I guess I'm a part-Seahawk fan now too ;) I hope you had fun golfing today! Let's get this prayer chain goin! It just so happens that it is my church's monthly day of prayer tomorrow, so you better believe they will be lifting you guys up!

Nancy Landerholm said...

I have been praying and will continue. I will be praying without ceasing during your prayer vigil. I couldn't find the spot to sign up for a time, so I will just pray every hour during the day. Kurt and I are praying together for her. May our great God give you great strength and may he be gracious to you and your family. Nancy Landerholm