Monday, October 17, 2011

Diva Status

So the lady who brings us the mail every day comes in laughing. The stacks of cards are of comical proportions.

Today after she brought in about 50 more cards, she came back and put this on her door.

The outpouring of support is making little Miss Chaia legendary.

What is happening in her little body will make her God legendary.


Mama Karen said...

LOVE IT!!! She will be legendary in the annals of God's miraculous! God will look back one day and say "Remember when I healed a little heart of stone and restored it to normal functioning order and she lived happily ever after?" Yeah, that's my God! Still praying!!!

Kwolfinger said...

She's a rock star! Lol

Doris & Bob said...

Our hearts go out to you at this time in your life! Please don't lose your faith no matter what the outcome; we're also praying for God to support you at this critical time. Remember, too, that the happiest memories will never fade, so enjoy each smile as it comes. We're glad to read of the strong support you received on Sunday. Blessings, Doris & Bob