Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Good Day Today

Chaia had a good day today. Last night was very hard and she has bounced back and stabilized. She is sedated and intubated. Her little heart is distressed and the challenge is figuring out what is causing it. The possibilities are seriously endless in what could be causing the extra work.

If stability is maintained into tomorrow, we could begin talking about extubation, removal of blood pressure meds, etc. This would be a big step in seeing how Chaia's heart can support her body.

Akron Children's has been fantastic. Chaia has been on 'one to one' care with a nurse each day and the nurses have been attentive and compassionate.
After the drama last night, they made up a new bed for her and then put her little hair bow ribbon in to make her sleep like a princess.

Mom and Dad are ok. It is hard to stand by helpless. It is hard not to hold her. It is hard to see her in discomfort and pain. But she's a warrior princess and will crush whatever this is she is facing.

On a brighter note...It's time for me to break out the rice! My sister Becky and her husband Chuck are parents to a new little boy! Camden Michael Long joined the family this morning at 1:45 a.m. and is off to a good start!

Wanting perseverance to complete its work.

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