Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"A Flat Tire Kind've Life"

Shaina and I arrived in C-Bus Sunday night. She shared with our friends, Matt and Kristie, that the general Thompson life principle is, along the lines of Murphy's Law...She said, "We live a flat tire kind of life.

Monday Morning...we go out to run some errands...and wouldn't you know it, we have a flat tire. Call it self-fulfilling prophecy. Call it a Divine Comedy. Call it the Thompson effect. Whatever you was the start of a pretty funny day. It started raining so we decided to wait on changing the tire until the next day. Matt drove Shaina to get groceries, I stayed home with Chaia.

By the end of the first 24 hours in Columbus, we were cancelling our first vision casting dinner and taking Chaia to the emergency room at University Hospital (she was breathing over 90 times a minute and not eating...good times)!

The ER experience was a blast, we got checked in and sat in the ER waiting room for over 2 hours without getting called. And because we're terrible parents, we walked out. Prayed. And Chaia ended up eating and breathing much better in the morning.

The Thompson Effect happens a lot. And the temptation is to fall victim to "Life's Meanness".

I see a lot of people who live their lives as victims...angry at God, at the world, at family and friends and I know I'm tempted to portray my life this way...When we're victims, it changes everything

but when we're victims of happenstance and circumstance, we fail to live in the abundance that God has for those who follow Him.

You're not a victim of life. God is not out to get you the way you think and sometimes feel.

You are, though, a potential victim of grace. God's goodness LAVISHED on you through the cross and resurrection of His Son. And being this kind of victim, of God's relentless love changes everything as well.

God's grace and goodness trump our tragedy and trials.

So get over it and choose abundance. For our God has conquered the grave.

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