Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Well today is the 800th post in Mustard History. If you're reading it, you're a part of history.

It is crazy to think of the whirlwind of life Shaina and I have been on in the last year.

Couple thoughts on the Columbus Church Planting process.

First: One of the God Sized initial confirmations was when Shaina and I came back from a prayer retreat last August and we felt that I was supposed to tell a friend of mine that I met with regularly for accountability about what God was stirring and see if he'd be interested in journeying with us. Before I even got to share about it, he told me that he had been praying for a couple weeks and just felt God prompting that "if Ben and Shaina were ever to go plant a church, he was supposed to go with them." I think that was the moment that God's call became crystal clear...that this was for real and He desired our faithfulness.

Second: We are seeing a good number of churches...churches that once impacted their community and the world for shutting their doors for good. It is imperative that kingdom leaders seek to open as many new doors or even more than are shutting for the movement to continue with momentum. This is why City.Campus.Church will be a church planting church plant. Replication and Reproduction are so vital to new Kingdom Growth.

Third: The reality is that the 'new doors' being opened are going to look quite a bit different from the 'old doors' and even other 'new doors' as well. I will get into this more down the road. But Church as usual is why many doors are closing. The Holy Spirit is prompting some bold leadership to rethink church and pioneer ancient trails. We are being sent by some of these bold leaders and I am absolutely stoked to watch what God does.

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