Friday, July 8, 2011

Move Over Joey Chestnut

This week began with the marquee sporting event in the world on July 4. Yes it was the Annual Nathan's Hot Dog Eating contest at Coney Island.

This guy, Joey Chestnut, took home his 5th hotdog eating title (the coveted Mustard Belt)by eating 62 hotdogs in 10 minutes. I know I know...It sounds impressive.

But let this be the official blogpost that enters Chaia Joy Thompson's hat into the ring of competitive eating. After doing her best Gandhi impersonation and doing a 36 hour hunger strike this past Sunday and Monday for world peace, she decided to get her eating game face on.

Think 62 hot dogs is a big deal? Try 8 breast feeds plus 10 ounces of breast milk from a bottle in 24 hours. Chaia 'Man-eater' Thompson, as she is known by the media, is starting to pound the food and is back to her birthweight.

It has been a challenging first week. From a birth that had Shaina in rough shape to the night that Chaia screamed all night until she was hoarse, to finding out that Chaia should be averaging 7-8 wet diapers a day and she had only had 1, to watching her get pricked, poked and prodded at the hospital to help her re-hydrate...we have been home for 2 days and everyone is on the mend.

Thank you for the prayers...keep them coming...And enjoy Chaia's Competitive Eating Theme Song.

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Jackie Thompson said...

I'm so very glad she's a maneater (finally)...go Chaia go