Saturday, June 25, 2011


Life Update since I've been blogless for a bit.

Shaina and I are in a couples small group reading through "Making Love Last a Lifetime". I think that couples who are serious about their marriage should be consistently going back to the drawing board to enrich their relationship. Doing this with other couples is a fantastic strategy. Our group is a neat one in that one couple has a toddler. One has an infant. One has one on the way. One are newlyweds. One is engaged. And one is in a serious dating relationship.

One of the assignments in this book for this week was to take the lady out for a date. It wasn't much, but Shaina and I went sort've spontaneously to Bob Evans and then to see Super 8 last night. First movie we've seen in months in the theater. It reminded me of a cross between E.T. and Goonies.

The Cavs draft grade was a C. I would have liked to see them take Shelvin Mack at 32 rather than trading it away. Irving has Chris Paul like potential. Don't know much about Thompson other than a pretty fantastic last name.

While in Chi-Town we had deep dish pizza and went to a Chicago area Hot Dog place. I like food.

Shaina is now 37 weeks pregnant. It may be time to look in to installing the carseat.

I won free golf for the rest of the year. Just in time for this baby to come and for an intense season of ministry...Temptation?

I am in love with Shaina.

I am in love with Jesus.

And I may sleep all day today.

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Wood said...

Well if you need someone to help take the golf temptation away, I will give up some of my free time and shield you from that temptation.