Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Leadership In the Church

"The Immune System is to the Body as Leadership is to the Church."

Heard this quote at a seminar by Doug Anderson and I love it.

Viruses are constantly seeking a host and when the immune system is weak, the body is more susceptible to illness and harm.

The viruses in your church are much the same. The virus of Negativity. The virus of Distrust. The virus of control. The virus of gossip. The list is a mile long and if the Leaders of your faith community are not prayed up and sold out to the Mission of Christ, they will latch on and begin draining the life out of your organism. It starts with pastors and paid servants in the center circle as they are called and employed to hone in on the mission, but if unpaid servant leaders allow the virus to grab hold of them, the staff becomes more and more vulnerable.

If the unpaid servants wear down the unpaid servant leaders, the unpaid servant leaders can wear down the paid servant leaders who can wear down the pastors which will wear down the Mission.

You're either causing the Mission to thrive or to die. I am too. And the daily, necessary decision to die to ourselves for the sake of the mission will either be made or rejected...

And everyone can tell what I've decided.

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