Wednesday, June 8, 2011

34 Weeks!

34 Weeks in on this crazy adventure of parenting. Shaina is doing well. Yesterday at the appointment we learned the baby is head down which is good. I actually got to put my hand around the head through Shaina's stomach which was pretty nifty.

We also found out the baby is back to back with Shaina...which is not good. So we were directed here to try and get the little one to turn. Good times.

Shaina's blood pressure is a bit high too, which has led to Shaina getting this nifty toy

24 hour urine jug, which we get to keep in the refrigerator. That's not all! It comes with a bonus pee catching sombrero.

Goal Number One: Make sure everything is ok with Shaina.

Goal Number Two: Make sure I don't try to drink any orange juice this week.

Never a dull moment in the Thompson household. :-)

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