Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Prayer For Graduating Seniors

Lord God, I thank you for this senior class,
for bringing them to this important milestone.
And as they prepare to embark on a new part of their journey,
I pray that You would go before them, walk beside them and follow
Behind them. I pray that no one could use words like complacent,
Wreckless, entitled or indifferent to describe these young adults.
Instead, I pray that they would be known as servants, as men and women
Of integrity, people of the second chance. I pray that they would be known
As Christ followers. So Lord as they celebrate this important day, I pray for their futures.
Where there is pride and arrogance, may you crush them.
Where there is sin and rebellion, may you restore them.
Where there is indifference or indulgence, may you stir them.
Where there is pain or suffering, may you comfort them.
Where ever they go, may they know you are with them.
Whatever they do, may they live for your renown.
In the strong name of Jesus who is mighty to save,

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