Friday, May 27, 2011

The James Challenge Chapter Five

"Do not grumble against one another so that you won't be judged."

Every Church has one. Generally, everyone connected to the church knows who the Chair of it is. It's the Back to Egypt Committee. They gripe and grumble and moan that things aren't good. They say it was better when they were back in Egypt. They say it was better when Moses wasn't their leader. They say it was better when...

James reminds us at the close of this book to recall some of the key themes. He recalls chapter three and says you're either giving life with your words or your taking it away. He reminds us that endurance is central to sanctification.

I was for whatever reason, feeling discouraged, negative and a little beaten up last week. Then I woke up one morning midweek and just felt the Holy Spirit nudging at me about the word 'Hope'. If I'm not careful, I can join that Back to Egypt Committee and God just convicted me that the resurrection is bigger than that. It's bigger than the frustrating meeting. Bigger than the wilderness experience that sometimes a ministry or a leader goes through. It's bigger than our preferences. It's bigger than our conflicts, our agendas, our discontent, our negativity, our bitterness.

So if I don't get my way, if people don't get on board with my idea, if I disagree with a direction of those God has put in authority over me,etc...two options...pull up a chair on the oft-largest committee in the church and grumble (which guarantees you will be judged)...or come at it with hope...come at it with resurrection lenses. Because in resurrection, the worst thing is never the last thing.

Congrats if you made it through the five chapters of James! It's been a good week of Bible Study for me personally and I hope for you too!

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Cindy Penrod said...

I, too, love the book of James. I memorized the entire book when I was in college. I still love it, and I'm still challenged by it's message. It is, after all, a journey. Praise God for His presence and the good company of His family while on that journey!!