Tuesday, May 10, 2011

City Love

Pretty excited for the vision surrounding the event formerly known as Church ReVerb, that will this year be called "City Love".

The premise of the vision is that all the churches in the community would unite on a Sunday afternoon and do significant, vital ministry to the community to show that the church is alive and well.

The vision was laid out last year to about 5 churches in the community, and we were sort've the guinea pig trial run church in this experience. This year 10 churches came to hear the vision and so far three are on board to go for this. I love that collaboration is happening and while we targeted 30 churches in the community to cast the vision to, jumping from one congregation to three is an exciting first step.

There is always temptation to get discouraged, self-righteous or frustrated by 'turf wars' or disunity of Christ's Church, but I haven't really felt that at all. The bottom line is that we know that God is taking us here...so our responsibility remains solely to being faithful to that call. And as God moves, it seems obvious that His bride will want to move as well.

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