Monday, April 18, 2011

Madden 2012

Well, the Browns have just done what the Steelers couldn't...beat Aaron Rodgers.

Albeit in the meaningless realm of video games. Peyton Hillis defeated (and by defeated I mean demolished)Aaron Rodgers in the semifinals of the Madden game.

Yes there is the alleged Madden Curse, where the majority of guys featured on the Madden game cover end up having something disastrous happen to them and their team the following season...but my thinking is that the curse has always happened to a good player on a good team. Does it still happen if the player is a good player from a bad team? Really, the curse could have the opposite impact...where it catapults them to glory. If Hillis wins the Madden Cover, the Browns are SuperBowl bound and I will buy tickets to go.

Peyton Hillis vs. Mike Vick in the here if you're a dork.

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Wood said...

First sentence...OUCH!

Be careful what you wish for, however I do like the "good player/bad team" rationale.

Good Luck Browns fans, hopefully this is your first win of the season. It would be good to have the team be competitive--makes rivalry week more fun. In the past few/many years this rivalry has been like the rivalry of the bug and the windshield, or kindling with fire, or the nail with the hammer.