Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Messiah Complex

Churches get new pastors all the time.

The danger is a two way street.

People in churches will say and think, "The next pastor better ________."

Even with good intentions and a godly mindset, these ultimatums, expectations and demands that we put on future leaders will kill momentum.

Maybe equally as debilitating is when the pastor comes in and thinks that its up to him or her to lead or rescue a church. The pastor is not the messiah. Jesus is.

If you are part of a church awaiting a new pastor, do yourself, your pastor and God a favor and let Him lead your church and let your pastor operate not out of accomodating your expectations, but out of their gifts, passion and calling.

If you're a pastor going into a new station, be authentic to who you are and to the gospel you're called to proclaim.

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