Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Imagination Redeemed

I think that for many Jesus followers, the most difficult part of life to be redeemed is the imagination. To dream in a world that thrives on nay-saying, practicality, and cynicism can be a pretty lonely place.

But when the people of God start to color outside the lines and trust a big G God for big G God things, it is an amazing thing to watch.

And yes, sometimes the dreams are scrapped. Sometimes they don't pan out quite how we thought. But I'd rather fail big for the kingdom of God than play it safe and waste my one chance to proclaim Jesus.

God, would you redeem our imaginations and let us dream and envision what you are calling us to next. Let us listen to the seemingly unattainable 'what if's'. And let us risk it all for your fame. Amen.

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