Wednesday, March 23, 2011

24 Hours

We are in week three of "24 Hours That Changed the World", a churchwide study we are doing through Lent. It has been really insightful so far.

It is causing us to slow down and actually enter into one of the most known stories of Christ followers. To enter in to the story and put ourselves in the shoes of Judas or Peter or the Sanhedrin, and reflect on how this story is very much our story has been a refreshing experience.

I was reading this morning on the topic of being condemned by the righteous and I was really struck by how 71 of the "spiritually elite" known as the Sanhedrin could conspire to humiliate, condemn and crush the exact one they had been waiting for.

But Jesus doesn't help his cause (intentionally). When they ask if He's the messiah...His response is I AM. (Claims to be their God). Then he says that he will destroy the temple and raise it again in three days (Claims power over the house of God). Two things you just don't do in 1st century Jerusalem.

The Romans don't want an insurrectionist leading a movement in their territory. The Jewish leaders don't want their authority, their God or their temple called into question. You can sense the tension of why this leads to a cross.

And Jesus is still a threat to the way we live our lives 2000 years ago. Following him has cost. What's it costing us?


Melissa Spitzig said...

Ben, I was Blessed BEYOND measure to be at Church of the Resurrection EVERY week during Lent for "24 hours" I am now joining COR this year during Lent for "Final Words from the cross". Adam Hamilton is an amazing man used by God. Such a blessing! If you get a chance, you can check out their messages at COR.ORG or you can watch live @ 10:45 or 5pm Sundays at

I hope you are being challenged/encouraged through the teachings :)

Melissa Spitzig said...

(I lived close enough to Kansas City to get over there for evening service) Such a JOY!! If you get a chance to go, you should. An amazing church and an amazing TESTIMONY of God's Goodness and Faithfulness. :)