Monday, February 21, 2011

Up From the Bed He Arose

5 Days

That's the length of time I spent stuck on couch or bed, cycling between chills and sweat, congestion and coughing.

Shaina got it first and she was down like I've never seen her in all of our marriage. She started last Sunday...Me being a good husband, didn't want her to suffer alone. I picked it up Tuesday and with the exception of a church event Saturday night, I was pretty much useless all week.

Which is why you're starving for witty blog posts that enrich your soul, make you smarter and more attractive.

Have no fear.

Just like Douglas Macarthur,Arnold Schwarzenegger and that guy named Jesus...I'm back.

I just happen to be swamped haha.


Wood said...

im still waiting for the "more attractive" part of the blogs to kick in for me...

Ben said...

Statistics show its about 93 percent effective. :-)