Sunday, January 9, 2011

One Prayer Week One


We launched our One Prayer series today and Pastor Jim's one prayer for 2011 is that God would teach us to pray.

Today was a crazy day in the life of our church. Announcements were made about church family diagnosed with cancer, broken foot, and our Pastor announced he is being moved to the role of District Superintendent in the Ohio Valley for the East Ohio Conference of the UMC. He will depart for his new post in July.

The timing of this One Prayer series is impeccable. At a time when there is a whirlwind of 'life' happening, God wants us more than ever to press in to know him more.

We had over 200 people commit to participate in at least one Prayer Initiative during this series. Can't tell you how excited I am about that.

The most frustrating/disappointing part of my time at Wadsworth is the lack of prayerfulness in corporate gathering. In a church that averages between 325 and 375 each Sunday, it baffles me that our weekly prayer meeting consists of 6 people.

Yet in those prayer times, there has certainly been a stirring of anticipation for what God is preparing in our midst. Can't Wait to see what's next.

Next Sunday: Pastor Jerry is bringing the message on ONE CALLING. And next Monday, over 40 people, myself included, will endeavor on a 3 week prayer journey called the Daniel Fast...No meats and No sweets. Basically just fruits, veggies and water for 3 weeks as we turn ourselves to Him.

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