Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Daniel Fast Day 3

Can I tell you a secret?

Philippians 4: 12 I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. 13 I can do all this through him who gives me strength.

Its the secret to contentment...Paul, who was imprisoned for the gospel, beaten for the gospel, shipwrecked for the gospel, shamed for the gospel, and ultimately would give his life for the gospel knew this secret well. He could do all this through Christ who gave him strength.

That's what this journey is learning this secret. And if I'm honest, my focus through 48 hours has been more on food than it has on Christ. Even now, though our bodies are being detoxed and we're missing out on some staple foods, we are still well fed.

I woke up with this on my mind...that even now, though I feel hungry...I've never once in my life experienced the true depth of hunger. We can do this...because He gives us strength.

So, CONTENTMENT is the word of the day...when your stomach growls, when you feel like being irritable, when you want to cut corners or quit...Whisper this prayer..."Show me the secret of contentment Lord, Give me Strength."


Ben said...

Going into day three my body is doing funny things. My breath is terrible...Fatigue seems to set in more frequently...and I seem to be visiting my friend John Kohler at a startling rate haha.

But, I'm stirred to press more into the presence of God today than I have been.

Going to try a vegetable chili tonight...if its good I will post the recipe tomorrow! FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT friends!

Barb said...

Welcome to Day 3 of the Daniel Fast!

As we continue to pray and fast, I would like to make you aware of a prayer request that is particularly pertinent to today and tomorrow, Jan. 19-20. The Cabinet of the East Ohio Conference (made up of the Bishop, his assistant, and 10 District Superintendents) is meeting today and tomorrow. One of the items of discussion will be names of ministers who may potentially be appointed to Wadsworth UMC. Therefore, I would ask you to please pray intentially today and tomorrow for the Cabinet and for this church and for the potential candidates. Please pray for wisdom and discernment for each member of the Cabinet, for this church as we go through a time of change, and for the candidates as they prepare for their own changes. Let us also remember Pastor Jim in prayer as he goes through a time of transition, not only from this church but also as he assumes a larger role as district superintendent.

Thank you so much and let's continue this 21 day walk as we draw closer to God!

Marilyn said...

I was emailing with Mark Gallagher from church yesterday regarding cooking with Tofu. His family has been cooking with Tofu for quite some time. He sent me a few links to give to everyone who would like to try Tofu in their lives for the next 19 days and beyond. I have cooked with Tofu and know that it is very easy to work with and tastes however you want it to taste with a little help.

The following sites might be helpful:

Don't forget that traditional beans and brown rice dishes provide plenty of complete proteins for active people...


Wood said...

Great to hear how things are progressing, I will remember to stay away until your breath gets better!!! What a great word-- contentment. I think it took me about 35 years to learn that word, and still am learning to grasp it in my daily life.

Anonymous said...

Doing ok. I do miss the coffee and the chocolate. I am doing some reflecting, journaling and praying and all that has helped. Also reading the emails and posts help. Thanks to all who are praying for the Daniel Fast participants. Jill Parker

Anonymous said...

Today seems better for me! The food thing I can work around but I agree with Ben I have been so focused on the food that I am not doing the rest as well. I have to say John and I have not gotten close yet but I am sure it is coming!!! LOL Thank you to everyone that has been commenting. It truly helps me as I go through this, to know that I am not alone! I hope everyone has a great day! What is up with the headache I still have. I'm I alone in that?