Wednesday, December 29, 2010


In the midst of the mess,
From the depths of our distress,
Out of the hurt of the hope-less,
Our humanity was help-less
While we gave you anything but our best,
While we couldn’t have loved you less.
You became God-with-us.
You replaced our sinfulness with your righteousness.
You redeemed our shamefulness with your holiness.
You recreate my selfishness into selflessness.
Your grace covers my nakedness.
Your joy restores my brokenness.
You fill me with Your gracefulness.
You have shown me your faithfulness
You’ve heard the cries of the oppressed
You came down low and engaged this mess
You rescued your people, with an S on your chest,
An S that reminds us you are Savior.
You took upon yourself my ugliness.
And placed on me your loveliness.
And that is the story of God-With-Us.
The Joy and Peace of Christmas.

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