Friday, December 10, 2010

Browns Playoff Scenario

Stop laughing. The Cavs are terrible. The best thing at Progressive Field in the last 5 years is the winter wonderland. So the Cleveland sports fan has to find hope in a 5-7 football team's outside chance at the playoffs.

New England is 10-2...They are in.(AFC East Champs)
Pittsburgh is 9-3...They are in. (AFC North Champs)
The Jets are 9-3...They are in. (Wild Card Spot One)

Nothing else is settled.

Baltimore is 8-4 and control their own destiny in a lot of ways in clinching the second wild card spot. They play Houston and New Orleans over the next two weeks. Cleveland needs them to lose both of these games which is feasible (at Houston who is trying to stay in the playoff hunt) and then New Orleans who is trying to get the NFC South crown. That would leave Baltimore at 8-6 going into a game in Cleveland. Cleveland has Buffalo and Cincinnati over the next two weeks, two of the worst teams in the league (but still NFL teams). If Cleveland wins both, they'd be 7-7 going into the game against Baltimore.

In the hunt:

Indianapolis (7-6) and Jacksonville (7-5) are very much alive in the hunt for both the AFC South Championship and the 2nd wild card spot. The Browns either need Jacksonville to go big (win against Oakland, against the Colts...and take the AFC South) or go home...lose to Oakland, and the Colts and either Washington or Houston in the final two weeks. Worst case scenario: Indy wins the division and Jacksonville goes 9-7 (Jacksonville owns the tie breaker).

Kansas City (8-4)is in the drivers seat for the AFC West. Oakland and San Diego are both 6-6. Best case scenario for the Browns: Oakland and San Diego finish 8-8. Worst Case Scenario: Oakland or San Diego win out...going 10-6.

Miami is also 6-6 but as long as they don't win their next 4 games, the Browns would win the head to head tie breaker with them.

So this week: Cheer for the Browns, Raiders, Texans, and Chiefs.

This is still Believeland.

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