Thursday, December 2, 2010

Abe buried his gal in Canaanite Country

Genesis 23. Abe has just about offed his son Ike but God deems him faithful and spares them both the pain and agony. Then chapter 23 picks up on Abe's wife Sarah dying. The customs of the day say that you bury your dead in your homeland...where you occupy land. Abe's family was back in Ur. Sarah should've been buried there.

But Abraham buys a plot in Canaanite Country. Canaanite dude tried to get him to just take the land as a donation...but Abraham insisted that he buy it.

This seems like an obscure chapter...but here's the deal. God had promised Canaanite Country to Abraham and his descendants back in chapter 12. And Abraham believed God. So...Sarah dies, and he says...well...its not my homeland yet...but God says it will I'm going to stake my claim now.

I get the sense that God is waiting for each of us to believe His promises and step out in audacious faith to stake our claim on those promises. What is it that God is stirring in you that is too big for you to accomplish or realize in your own strength? And how is he calling you to stake your claim on His promises?

Doing – Dreaming = Waste of Energy
Dreaming – Doing = Disobedience
Dreaming + Doing = Exponential Kingdom Impact

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