Monday, November 15, 2010

so close...

Browns gave me high blood pressure yesterday.

4-5 with 3 straight wins sure does seem better than 3-6. I think there were a few key plays that were pretty costly:

Cribbs taking it down to about the 5 yard line on a catch and run. We had it first and goal and should've been able to punch in for 6 rather than kicking for 3. Plus Cribbs got hurt and that limited us offensively for the rest of the game.

Chansy Stuckey's fumble. Yes he lucked out and they ended up missing the field goal on that, but it stole a shot at a field goal from us to win it.

Hayden's hail mary pick. That single play may have cost us the game. If Hayden bats it down, we force a punt and have a chance to at least start at the 20 or get a big return. Instead he makes a great play on the ball and comes down with it at the 4, pinning us deep in our end of the field. I'm not blaming Hayden. He made the right play...ending New York's chance to score, it just ended up being costly.

With Baltimore and Pittsburgh both losing, it would have been a huge win in gaining ground in the division.

Now we play Jacksonville (winnable), Carolina (winnable), Miami (winnable), Buffalo (winnable) and Cincinnati (winnable). If we could rally off 5 winnable games, we'll be sitting at 8-6 and have Pittsburgh and Baltimore to end the year. (Perhaps I'm a bit drunk on optimism haha.

But for the record.
Browns > Saints > Steelers
Browns > Patriots > Steelers
ergo, Browns are two times better than the Steelers.

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wood said...

I believe Proverbs talks of not getting drunk with optimism, i mean, cmon, its the Browns......

As far as not talking about it.