Sunday, November 28, 2010

Pastors say the darndest things

I was preaching about Jacob and Esau today...and I was warning Esau about LSD...Little Sibling Disease...where little siblings who are typically viewed as annoying by their older sibling until that one time that the older sibling needs something from the younger sibling...then the younger sibling will leverage the situation for some kind of personal gain (I may have suffered from LSD)

Anyways, my point in recapping this is that I was well aware that LSD was also a very dangerous drug.

One of my young adults pointed out that I said "Esau, dude, your brother has LSD and he's going for your car." He said that sounded like something from MTV...haha...whoops.

Two other honorable mentions I've heard in church services:

-a pastor accidentally (I hope) said my will be done instead of thy will be done.

-I was to lead the congregation into a time of prayer...I meant to say..."Will you pray with me..." Instead I said, "Will you pray for me..."

What's the funniest or most awkward thing a preacher has said in your church experiences?

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