Monday, November 8, 2010

Leadership Dilemma

Parable of the Sower...Matthew 13:1-23.

I have lived in tension in trying to know how best to use my time as a leader. Biblical leaders need to make kingdom investments. They need to strategically orient their day so that God can leverage them for His impact.

So then I read about the parable of the sower. And He, (God) sows seeds in all types of soil. The Word of God is thrown into thorns, paths, rocks and good soil.

So, if I model that, then leadership ought to mean that I am investing in all types of soil rather than looking for the biggest yield or return on investment. I don't know how to balance this tension. According to the parable, I should spend time pouring myself and my leadership into people who don't give the slightest rip about their faith and are content with mediocrity as well as invest in people who will actually receive the love and teaching and be unleashed to further the cause of Christ into the world.

Honestly, my issue is with the Sower...Why would you throw seeds on the rocks? Why would you throw seeds on the path? Why would you throw seeds in the thicket? I'm no farmer but it seems like theres a pretty good strategy in investing your seeds where they will actually yield return.

But then I keep reading in Matthew 13...and it goes from the parable of the sower to the parable of the wheats and the tares...and how the two grow together...because quite frankly they are identical until they flower! We can't separate the wheats and the tares because the two are indistinguishable for the majority of their growth. So if some of the people who seem to be 'out' are really 'in' and those who appear to be 'in' are really 'out'...then you better bet that it is a wise investment to sow in unlikely places. While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us!

If God wasn't an irrational sower, I would have never been wrecked by the love, hope and forgiveness of the cross. I was the thorn infested soil, with a hardened heart and a selfish soul.

And he risked the seed on my behalf...And he did the same for you too...Repent and Believe the good news of Jesus Christ and his empty grave!

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