Monday, November 1, 2010

The Danger of Assumptions

You know the adage about people who assume right? I won't spell it out for you.

But here is the deal...we have assumptions that we operate by every day that greatly shape our role and perspective.

For our churches we have a good deal of assumptions about the head pastor. Some assume that he or she is going to be at their bedside when there is illness or surgery.

Some assume that if there is a wedding or a funeral that needs done, the pastor will make it happen.

Some assume that the pastor ought bring a message that inspires and informs them so that they can be better Christians.

Some assume that the pastor does nothing significant other than attend a few meetings and talk for 25 minutes on Sunday.

Some assume that if the pastor misses a meeting or a promise or a phone call or a visit, that they don't truly care.

Some assume that the pastor has it together the Word daily and praying consistently.

OUR ASSUMPTIONS ARE FREQUENTLY THE PRIMARY BLOCKADE TO AUTHENTICITY. I used the pastor as an example because its an easy one that people have unending assumptions and expectations on how he or she should act.

But the truth is that every relationship you have is strained, sabotaged and fractured because of your assumptions.

If you assume great things from those around you, often you are disappointed and feel a gap in trust develop.

If you assume the worst about people, a culture of negativity seeps in that has a way of festering and many times you block off authentic connection with people because of your own distrust.

The challenge is to move from assuming to believing...If I believe in someone...then I tend to root for them...they don't pull through like I want...that's ok...because I'm still in their corner...they do things that I don't support, that's ok, because I am still hopeful that God will work in them. application...if you are in leadership in a company or a church and there is a continual culture of assumptions amidst the leadership, this is where derailment happens. You frustrated with an organization, a family, a church situation? Start infusing hopeful belief and optimism where negativity, assumptions and entitlement are permeating and watch what happens.

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