Thursday, October 28, 2010

Man Vacuum

Couple random stats I came across over the last week.

The average age of the video gaming male?...35 years old.

One in three men will move back in with his parents for extended period, likely until the age of 28 or 30.

I think we've got a serious Man Crisis on our hands. And here's just 5 possible contributors to why we've gotten here. You don't have to agree with them.

1. The Women's Rights Movement. Do not read here that I am chauvinistic. In fact, I am very supportive of equal rights and claiming the rights and voice of women. But hear me out...One of the ramifications to women achieving is that men have gotten lazy.

2. Lack of legitimate Role Models. The guys who are in the spotlight in the Western World are not typically world changers. They are not realistically attainable lifestyles. The world (and particularly the Church) doesn't need more Tiger Woods, Ben Roethlisbergers' or Wayne Rooneys. The world needs guys who will Reject Passivity, Embrace Integrity, Accept Responsibility and Lead Courageously.

3. Lack of Father figure. The Dead beat dad or absence of a father figure in the lives of adolescent boys (and girls for that matter) is huge. Broken homes or split family situations do nothing to foster a new generation of strong, capable men.

4. Life is a Game Motto. Guess what?! You are not likely to make it in the pro sports world! (If you're a parent...Guess what, your kid is not likely to make it in the pro sports world!) We spend hours and hours and hours trying to get our kid to be the best at a sport, thinking that this is the best foundation we can build. Guess what...a 26 year old who can still hoop it up but has no life dream or career aspirations is waste of potential. And games? seriously? I know I know...get your madden fix some halo or whatever...but don't waste your life.

5. The Effeminate Male. There has been such a criticism of what has been deemed 'manly' in years past, that now media tends to convey the true man as the homosexual or the man in touch with his feminine side. Manliness does not have to equal neanderthal existence or chauvinistic existence or anything like that. Can a man just want to live in an adventure (I don't mean vicariously through their sports teams or their video game accomplishments or their kids either!) It is fascinating to watch the shift in what gets ratings on've got action packed CIA shows where the main character is a woman...Woman is conveyed as this bad 'mother-father' who always gets the bad guy and plays the hero. Meanwhile...what are the popular movies for guys? Movies with guys like Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen that keep men in a perpetual state of adolescence until they are 40.

So...where do we go from here?

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