Monday, October 11, 2010

Interview with Mark Driscoll

Mark Driscoll is a good preacher...sometimes he is over the top...sometimes he is more shock and awe than he ought to be...but this excerpt from a recent Neue Magazine is thought provoking:

On what keeps him up at night regarding the church:

"With young tends to be a more materialistic culture. People tend to be more selfish. They can tend to treat the Church more like a community of friends, but not really a place to be generous and be on mission. So that is concerning, maybe a lot of people using the Church but anot a lot of people loving the Church. I think there is going to be a tonintued hemorrhaing in the mainline denominations over things like homosexuality and universalism. Can you have sex outside of heterosexual marriage, and do you really need Jesus to go to heaven? I think you're going to see the mainline denominations continue to fragment and crumble around those issues...there is going to be a lot of bloodbath..."

On Boys, Guys, and Men:

More women are graduating high school...more are graduating college...more are buying homes...more women are doing things that are more adult and responsible (than men). We've created this. Its a sociological category. It used to be you go from 'boy' to 'man' and now you go from 'boy' to 'guy' to 'man'. There is this whole new creation of a 'guy'.
Its jsut extended adolescence, where 20s, 30s, sometimes even in his 40s, he doesn't really want to get married, doesn't really want to have kids, doesn't really want to pursue a career. He has a lot of hobbies, got a lot of buddies, watches a lot of porn, gambles, has a lot of fun, maybe plays in some band or is in a guild of World of Warcraft, or something ridiculous like that. And they've even got little mottos like 'Its all good' and 'Bros before hos.' Its just this whole adolescent, juvenile culture. Kind of Adam Sandler-esque view of life, and there is this whole genre of comedy movies built around these kind of inept, irresponsible, immature guys, and I think part of the problem is, as well that the Church in large part has accommodated that.
Those guys tend not to go to church. If those guys do show up at church, its usually just to find a couple of gals to break the commandments with. And the Church doesn't really know what to do with them, so the least likely person in America to go to church is a guy in his 20s who is single."

Do you buy what this guy is selling?

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