Thursday, October 21, 2010

How do you define a 'good Sunday'?

We've all been there. Where we've walked out of a worship service and had a pretty distinct, clear thought..."What was the point of today?" Either our hearts weren't ready to receive and exalt or the message was a bust, or the music didn't resonate with our soul's cry...and we leave in a fog...not sure why the fog was there.

I preached this past Sunday and multiple people who were unable to make it asked me "How did it go?" I don't know how to respond to that.

Is it a good Sunday if the people don't look like they want to kill the message and the messenger at the end of the service (or is it good when the comfortable are afflicted?)

Is it a good Sunday when the people are engaged and moderately entertained during the message? (Or is it good when people are broken and sobbing?)

Is it a good Sunday when people come up to you and high five you for the message? (Or is it a good Sunday when people avoid making eye contact with you out of conviction and God wrecking them.)

Is it a good Sunday when the message is 30 minutes and the music is 20? (Or is it a good Sunday when the message is 20 and the music is 30?)

Is it a good Sunday when the preacher speaks on a relevant topic and uses a Bible verse to support the topic? (Or is it a good Sunday when the preacher uses the Bible and speaks to directly what the Bible is speaking to?)

The point is that every person who comes in the doors and is somehow involved in worship has expectations that they are wanting met. But God is a God who doesn't generally appease our expectations. He'd rather blow them away. This is the difference between expectation and expectancy. Expectation is preference driven. Expectancy is Spirit led. Expectation says "My will be done" Expectancy says "Thy will be done" Expectation limits worship. Expectancy enhances worship. Expectation leads us to wholly disappointment. Expectancy leads us to holy anticipation. Expectation prays "Move this way" Expectation prays "Move".

Your expectations on Sunday Morning are often the primary hindrance to you experiencing the presence of God.

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