Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Catalyst Day One

Oh boy. My head is throbbing status and Shaina and I actually skipped the last lab session to get read for tomorrow!

Here's one thing that was 'sticky' from each session I did attend.

John Ortberg..."Your sanctification is at least as dependent on the grace of God as your salvation is."

Reggie Joiner..."95% of Christian evangelical kids in elementary and junior high attend church. 55% of them attend through high school. 11% attend through college."

Eric Mason..."If you say you love Jesus but you don't love the church, you are ripping God's bride (and yourself)."

Tim Elmore..."16-24 year olds were interviewed and asked to answer 'what marks adulthood?' The number one response? Not high school graduation. Not college graduation. Not their first full time job. Not marriage. The perceived mark of adulthood is the birth of one's first child. Average age of first childbirth is now around age 28...28 is the new 18 because the parents of this generation have let them be OVERWHELMED, OVERCONNECTED, OVERPROTECTED AND OVERSERVED."

Jon Acuff..."Booty God Booty" enough said.

Chris and Phileena Heurtz...when asked at the end of their talk on contemplative prayer, what exactly the definition of contemplative prayer was, Chris said "The fathers of contemplative prayer would roll over in their graves if they heard me trying to define contemplative prayer. The whole point of this type of prayer is to disassociate from categorization, busyness and agenda."

So much more but this is a glimpse to get you thinking. Anything strike you?

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