Friday, September 3, 2010

NFL Preseason Picks

Well, I looked at the ESPN predictions for the NFL this year...Jake Delhomme is named by John Clayton as the 33rd best starting quarterback in the league...Considering that there aren't even 33 teams in the league, that is not particularly optimistic. The Browns are projected by pretty much every analyst to finish dead last in the division. Here's my predictions:

AFC North

Baltimore 10-6 Baltimore has an abundance of offensive weapons, which is new territory for the evil dark forces of Art Modell. Their secondary is riddled with injuries, but their front 7 is as nasty as any in the league. They win the division because of Joe Flacco's breakout year (He's my fantasy qb!)

Cleveland 9-7 It's not so much about Cleveland's talent as it is about their style of play. The running game and a revamped secondary are going to have NFL analysts admitting they were wrong by year end. Cleveland is a bubble team to get the wildcard. They have to start the year 2-0 for this prediction to come true.

Cincinatti 8-8 Their starting 2 wideouts are a combined age of 146, though I will admit, I'm hopeful for something amazing to happen between the two endzone celebration specialists this year. But, aging wideouts are not good in a division that kills wide receivers...With Polamalu in Pittsburgh, Ed Reed (when healthy) in Baltimore and TJ Ward (you heard it hear first) in Cleveland...Cincy's passing game looks more and more suspect.

Pittsburgh 7-9 Its not that I hate Pittsburgh that has me picking them dead last in the division (though hatred I do have), it is simply that Pittsburgh is not very good. Particularly without Roethlisberger for 1/4 of the season, they are relying on an unproven, though potentially electric qb in dixon. Their D is solid and Polamulu is simply a game changer, but offense will be the challenging part...though if Mike Wallace wants to have a great fantasy team will not complain.

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