Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pray without Ceasing

Shaina and I have been at a pace that isn't healthy. We've eaten dinner at the church it seems at least once a week for the last month. The frantic pace of ministry can be exciting, fulfilling and draining. It's interesting that in the midst of a seemingly frantic pace of ministry...healing...teaching...etc. Jesus made sure to withdraw. He made time to connect with his Father.

We are no different...except that we aren't fully God and so making time to connect with the Father isn't actually connecting with ourselves...I digress.

Shaina and I leave in the morning for a 48 hour prayer retreat. We need you to pray for us. Pray for clarity. Pray for revelation. Pray for rest. Pray for new vision. Pray for God's presence to encounter us. Just pray. If you want to set aside an hour, great. If you are one who fasts and want to do that, great. If you don't ever pray normally but think we're worthy of you throwin' one up there, great.

Thanks...No blogging until Wednesday. I know...what on earth will you do with your life?

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