Saturday, August 21, 2010

Just pulled the trigger

Just made a big decision this week that is largely self-indulgent! By August 30, Shaina and I will be completely debt free. This has meant that vacations have been pretty much non-existent. The extent of the 'V' Word in our marriage has been a couple trips to my sister's in South Carolina and weekend trips to the bustling metropolis of Cleveland, Chicago and Erie, Pa.

So, because God has provided in an unexpected way (yet again!), we have our debt covered and money to take a trip. With that said, we board the Carnival Fantasy on September 11 in Charleston for a 7 day cruise to the Bahamas and Grand Turk.

I am pretty well spent at this point in the ministry at WUMC. It has been a great, yet hectic summer and its time to detox. This will serve in some ways as the honeymoon that Shaina and I were never able to take. I can't wait!

So...if you've been on a any advice for cruise newbies?

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Terri said...

#1 Do NOT eat the food...Yuck it is terrible! Best bet is to pack some lunches!!

#2 Do NOT talk to strangers!

#3 Do NOT leave clothing out on your bed....they do strange things to them!

#4 Stay off the balcony!!

#5 Watch out for ice bergs!!

#6 Go to the front of the boat (or bow or stern of the ship or whatever) stand on the railing and shout "I am the king of the world"

#7 You might want to take some board games or a deck of cards...cause there is NEVER anything to do.

#8 Be prepared to fend for one is ever around to help you or serve you!

#9 When that alarm grab your life jacket and JUMP!

#10 Have fun!