Tuesday, June 22, 2010


So God is stirring something that I am pretty excited about. Its a movement where one Sunday in September, our church and potentially some other churches in the area will partner together, change things up and forego our normal Sunday morning worship routine. Instead of passing by the community so that we can gather to worship, we are going to put legs to our worship and go serve the community. There will be stations throughout the community that people can go serve at, ranging from prayer stations to habitat for humanity stations.

I'm excited because Jesus has a claim on the community of Wadsworth and wants all men to be saved.

I'm disappointed (though not surprised) at the amount of churches who have said 'no'.
From turf wars to having a sermon series they don't want to interrupt to one guy telling me that he would "never partner in anything ecumenical with damnable groups like Roman Catholics and Pentecostals".

I've always had a love/hate relationship with the church. I love the potential and I love when God births things in our midst and makes it the most creative place on earth. I hate when our doctrine, denominationalism and traditionalism lead us to disobedience to God's Spirit. I hate when we build motes where God seeks to build bridges. Now don't hear me saying that all denominations are the same...but the bottom line is that Christ is the heartbeat of the movement and if we can't acknowledge that His blood is flowing through His Body, then I think God grieves his bride. But whether we've got the support of 3 bodies of believers or 23, God is on the move.

CHURCH ReVERB...when God's people become God's movement so that hope will reverberate throughout the city.

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