Thursday, May 27, 2010

God of Volcanoes, Airlines and Blue Skies

Well, God provided supernaturally for our team to be able to go on this Kenya mission trip. The financial ridiculousness of random people giving random amounts to meet our needs has proven yet again that when we take risks that are God led, there will be provision that is God fed.

With that said...everything is paid paid and board paid for...the only thing left to do is get on the plane this Monday and fly for 20 hours.

And God is reminding me that we are dependant on his provision in more ways than financial resources. Now we need Him to be the God of volcanos and prevent any further eruptions that might cause our trip to Nairobi (via London) to be delayed.

We need Him to be the God of British Airways...who just last week went on strike causing 30% of the daily flights out of London-Heathrow to be cancelled...because the strike is to go to June 9 which has the potential to impact our travel. (So far our flight is slated to go.

It wouldn't hurt to have blue skies, as Bill, one of our team members has chosen Kenya as his first ever time in a plane...(Go big or go home right?).

So, join me in praying for this trip...first for travelling mercy, then for God to use us mightily. I don't want to come back from this trip with any reservations. I want us to be fully obedient to God's promptings even if that involves risk or discomfort. You can read the current article and follow our status at

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