Sunday, May 30, 2010

All my bags are packed...

We may not be going to save the world from a giant asteroid...but we are going to share the hope of Christ. Here's 10 ways you can pray

1. Pray for team unity. We will only go as far and as deep as God takes us together. Pray that we would mesh supernaturally and that even in heated moments, we would work things out.

2. Pray for safe travels. I think we are clear of the volcano and clear of any cancellations due to British Airways strike.

3. Pray that we would be in mission en route to Kenya and not just in Kenya. There may be some flight attendant or passenger who God places in our path. Help us be attentive to how best to walk across the room.

4. Pray for Billy to capture God's vision and think about how best to capture it on video and still shot so that he can give voice to those who for too long have been voiceless.

5. Pray for the soccer initiative. Pray specifically that Devan and Logan would do more than just bring joy to kids because of a game. Pray that they could point the way to God and the ways to break the cycle of poverty.

6. Pray for the AIDS abstinence and awareness programs that Alicia and Carrie will be leading. Pray that the message would be grounded in Christ's message of hope and his plan and design for sex.

7. Pray for Skip and the grief counseling he will facilitate with the grandmothers who are caring for AIDS orphans. Many of these women have 0 income, they have buried multiple generations of family and are not sure where there next meal will come from. Pray for wisdom for Skip as he leads them toward emotional, psychological and spiritual healing.

8. Pray for Ben, Kathy, and Carrie as they meet and work with the leadership of EWO in Kenya. Give them discernment of where to dream, how to focus, and who to empower.

9. Pray for Brooke, Donna, and Simon who will take important roles medically as we initiate a medical camp on Saturday.

10. Pray for Shaina, Ben, Alicia, and Skip, who all may have roles in preaching/singing/testifying to God's glory on Sunday mornings in multiple churches.

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