Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sovereignty of God

Ok, so its been an interesting last week.

On Sunday we got into the car to go to wouldn't start. Not a huge deal...except that we just zeroed out our Dave Ramsey emergency fund to cover our federal taxes owed...So, if we want to stay on pace to be debt free by September, set backs like these aren't particularly convenient.

Anyways, in the midst of this, we have our final deposit due for the Kenya trip at the first of the month. Its $250.

Combine that with this thing I have felt called to be a blessing toward financially...and something had to give.

Without God's intervention, the outlook for doing everything we are hoping to do, is very bleak.

So, as we're waiting to discover how excruciating the car bill will be, wouldn't you know it, friends of ours who we haven't seen in a few months stop in to Kohls when Shaina is working. They got a federal income tax return and wanted to tithe it to us and the Kenya mission trip. Wondering how much it was? How about $250...exactly what we need to cover the last deposit.

Now here's what I'm not saying...I'm not saying that God will grant you your desires for a bailout plan when things get tough financially.

Here's what I am saying...that when you live in obedience to Him...take kingdom risks that enrich our faith...that God has a way of affirming those decisions with His provisions. If this Kenya trip was not anointed by God...then these random provisions would not continually happen.

So, when we live our lives and approach money with an open hand policy (God can take what He wants and provide what He wants in an open hand), things seem to take care of themselves.

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