Sunday, April 4, 2010


Well, for starters...RISE, the Good Friday service for young adults in the Wadsworth area went really well! 104 people came to lift high the lamb of God. Couple thoughts from this gathering...

God's betrothal trumps our betrayal every time. Take it to the bank. Our sin warrants death but His death gives us life. This is the single greatest mystery of the defiant sin and relentless love can collide at the cross is far beyond me...but God's victory there was final and complete.

The next generation desperately wants to belong to something bigger than itself. Unfortunately, the normal models of church and fellowship have left them looking elsewhere. If leaders can reclaim the Christ movement as just that, a movement, then the world better watch out!

God provided $1000+ through this gathering to go to the Kenya team who will be traveling in early June and will be looking after the widow and the orphan in their distress. Cannot believe the generosity.

There is a heartcry and a stirring in Northeast Ohio for more authentic gatherings of the Church...Where we go from here is exciting and totally in God's hands. What would happen if this were a recurring thing?

Love to hear your feedback if you were there, as we continue to discern what is on the horizon!

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Jeff Honnold said...

It was a wonderful service that really honored the day and was uplifting and glorifying to God. The Hosea passage was a very unexpected direction for that night and a very powerful one. I will say, I'm not sure I've ever read all of Hosea so thank you for opening my eyes to some really cool things there.

I also think that it's more than just the next generation that is looking to belong to something bigger than itself. The diversity of the congregation on Friday night gives us a glimpse into that. I pray that God continues to lead all of us as we seek his will for how to provide that.

As someone that "works" on Sundays I also wanted to thank you for the opportunity to just worship God corporately without worrying about the details - something that we all desperately need. It was a wonderful time spent worshiping at the foot of the cross.