Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It's madness!

That time of year again. Here's my expert picks for the final four. Pick them and you will go far.

Ohio State...Their road to get there is tough...through OK ST, Georgetown and Kansas (presumably). But its a dangerous thing to bet against Evan Turner. If Lighty and Bufford play their part and they get any help from Deibler and Lauderdale, they will have their dancin' shoes on in the Final Four.

Syracuse...Not too worried about Onuaku. Love the problems they create by playing a zone. Teams will have a short window to prep for this defense. Advantage Cuse. Little worried about the guard play for these guys...They live and die with Rautins on the perimeter.

Kentucky...Talk about a style class if they meet up with Wisconsin! That game could honestly go either way...I'm not big on Wisconsin, but their style of play is precisely what could beat Kentucky. Still, athleticism, size, and tenacity from the three diaper dandies should see them through to the Final Four.

The fourth is a tough one. In my opinion, Duke has by far the easiest region...but I'm still not sold on the Blue Devils. Here's a bizarre sleeper pick: 5 seed Texas A&M...Not even sure I've seen a game of theirs, but they could very easily play a 12 seed, a 13 seed (or a hobbling Purdue team) and then match up with Duke in Houston, a virtual home game.

Syracuse and Kentucky advance to the finals and Kentucky's athleticism trumps Syracuse's zone.

Share your winnings with me.

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