Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hot, Sexy Monogamy

Had a sacred moment at church a few Sundays ago. There was a contemplative prayer journey that Shaina's dad organized for people to draw closer to God during Lent.

We were divided into groups and I was paired with an older lady from the congregation. The groups began their journey at different stations and rotated through. We happened to be a group behind this lady's husband, so they did the station one step before us.

One of the stations was focused on thanksgiving. It was a creative station that allowed participants to write or draw on a huge expanse of paper all the things that we thanked God for.

We walked in and before we began writing and drawing our own, we glanced at what those before us had done. My cojourner put her hand down on one of the bulletpoint writings and paused...then went on to sit and make her own list. After she moved past it, I noticed it was her husband's and he had put "the second love of my life behind Jesus Christ ________" and then put her name down.

50 years of marriage and they still have the hots for each other. That's what I pray for in Shaina and I's relationship...that we not just simply get to 50 years because we're both too stubborn to do anything else, but because Christ has been our first love and we have sought to live His way and by His provision. Hot, Sexy, Monogamy. God designed. God approved.

What is the one key to success in your marriage?

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Wood said...

Two words -- "Yes dear". My grandfather told that to me and my brothers on his 50th wedding anniversary..its helped me though 20+ years.

One thing we both latched on to is that love isa choice we get to make (hopefully a good one) every day. In a Gary Smalley video series, he talked about looking at your spouse and taking in a breath (like getting breath taken away) with a feeling like "Wow, I cant believe Im married to you and you are with me! How awesome is that!" We will do that every now and then as a reminder to us to work at our marriage, to think about each other intentionally.

Now, my wife will say the key to a good marriage is a husband who travels alot (and isnt home to upset her every day) but Im not sure about that one...